Growth Link KACHIDOKI Register Form(kids)

registration step2


Filling in the required details

■STEP2 Filling in the required details

・Press the [Confirm] button after completing the form, and check the confirmation page.
・Please proceed to [Payment of Member Registration Fee, 3,000 yen (incl. tax), and Receipt of Member Card] at the Growth Link Kachidoki service counter within one month after pre-registration has been completed.

≫ Member registration(guardian, adult)

Kid's Name[required]
【Last name】 【First name】
Kana reading
Date of birth[required]
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*If you want to register another kid, please fill in this form.
Kid's Name
(brother and sister)
Kana reading
(brother and sister)
Date of birth
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Postal code[required]
  Example) 102-0054
Town and address[required]
Cell phone[required]
Guardian name[required]

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・ Newsletter Subscription is required for membership registration.
・ If you don’t wish to subscribe from the second time, please send it described as "unsubscribe hope" to this form.