Growth Link KACHIDOKI member registration


■Registration is required for each child to use the play hall.

■Registration is required for adult to use multipurpose room and garden rental, rental studio, lessons for adults.

■Following registration is required to use the multi-purpose room, to attend lessons or to rent the garden.

■Registration of one person(adult) as representative is required to use the multi-purpose room.

Registration is required for each person(adult) to attend lessons and rent the garden.

■registration fee(It is the same fee for both adults and children)

· WEB registration : 3,000yen (incl. tax)

· Registration at the service counter : 3,500yen (incl. tax)

■Registration is only required for the first time. Renewal fee or annual fee are not required.

■When you lose your membership card, please come to the service counter to re-issue the card. Re-issue fee is 500 yen(tax exclusive).


Growth Link KACHIDOKI member registration

registration step1


Agree to the terms and conditions for member registration and rules and regulations for the use of the Play Hall


Filling in the required details


Confirmation of required details


Pre-registration complete


Member Registration at Growth Link service counter

■STEP1 Agree to Membership Bylaws

Agree to the terms and conditions for member registration and rules and regulations for the use of the Play Hall(Growth Link Kachidoki Membership Bylaws)

【Growth Link Kachidoki Membership Bylaws】

  • The certified NPO Florence (hereinafter referred to as the “Manager”) hereby sets forth bylaws (hereinafter referred to as the “Bylaws”) for usage of the Growth Link facilities (hereinafter referred to as the “Facilities”) as follows.
  • (Definitions)
    Article 1: The Facilities are those facilities such as the Mana Viva!, the multi-purpose room, indoor play ground, Jyabu Jyabu pond, and community garden within the Apartment Tower Kachidoki used by users (hereinafter referred to as the “Users”) according to the Bylaws.
  • (Compliance Obligations)
    Article 2: Users shall comply with the Bylaws when using the Facilities.
  • (Limitations of Use)
    Article 3: Users shall be limited to those who have signed the “Growth Link Kachidoki Membership Bylaws” (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”). Further, the consent of a guardian shall be required for those under the age of 18.
  • (Use Time)
    Article 4: Use times for the facility shall be determined by the Manager. Further, users shall hereby acknowledge that the Manager may forbid or restrict usage for such reasons as for reasonable management and safe usage at year-end and new years, inspection days, special events, or other designated times as necessary.
  • (Use Fees)
    Article 5: Use fees for the Facilities shall be determined by the Manager. However, Users hereby acknowledge that the Manager may change use fees when deemed necessary, and with prior notice.
  • (Use Precautions)
    Article 6: Users shall observe the following items.
  • 1) Complying with the use schedule.
  • 2) Not smoking within the Facilities
  • 3) Following rules regarding eating and drinking in various areas of the Facilities.
  • 4) Not being an annoyance to other Users.
  • 5) Using Facilities in accordance with the purpose of use.
  • 6) Not using firearms within the Facilities.
  • 7) Not engaging in behaviors that violate public order and morality when using the Facilities.
  • 8) Returning home with garbage.
  • 9) Being responsible for informing and ensuring compliance with the Bylaws when non-members use the multi-purpose room or other areas of the Facilities.
  • (Exclusion from Use)
    Article 7: In the event a User violates these Bylaws, Manager may forbid said User from further use of the Facilities.
  • (Obligation of Users for Damages)
    Article 8: In the event a User causes undue wear or other forms of damage to the Facilities in the course of Facilities use, said User must promptly report said damages to staff and provide compensation for damages.
  • (Manager Exemptions)
    Article 9: Manager shall bear no responsibility for any accidents or theft, etc. that occur when Users use Facilities.
  • (Service Cancellation)
    Article 10: The Manager may temporarily halt or cancel service at their own discretion, and upon providing a certain warning period.
  • End of document
  • Notes regarding use of Growth Link Kachidoki and distribution of the e-mail magazine.
  • ■Indoor play ground schedule
     - The indoor play ground is open from 10am to 5pm.(closed on Sundays, O-bon holiday, New Years Eve and New Years day, and at other designated times as necessary)
     - During the time period from 10am to 1pm, the hall is exclusively reserved for preschool age children; elementary students may not use the hall during that time.
     - Both preschool and elementary age through 2nd grade may use the hall from 1pm to 5pm.
  • ■Basic Indoor play ground Rules
     - Guardians must accompany all children up to their 2nd year of elementary school, and must watch over children at all times.
     - Guardians and children using the Facilities must put on socks prior to entering the hall, and may not use the indoor play ground if they do not come wearing socks.
     - Up to 40 individuals can use the indoor play ground at one time. Upon reaching 40 Users, access to the hall will be restricted. In the event Users must wait for entry, they shall do by standing in line outside the hall, and waiting their turn, entering as other Users leave the hall.
     - In the event a membership card is lost or destroyed, Users may have another issued at a cost of 500 yen.
     - Guardians shall have responsibility for ensuring the safety of children.
     - Users acknowledge that Managers shall bear no responsibility for accidents or injuries, etc. that occur within the Facilities.
     - Users may use Facilities for up to 2 hours. Users may reenter the Facilities one hour after leaving the Facilities.
  • ■Use of the Jyabu Jyabu Pond (open from the latter part of July to the first part of August)
      - The pond is open from 10am to 4pm, and closed on holidays, Mondays, O-bon, and other times as necessary.
      - The pond may be used by children not using diapers up to the 2nd year of elementary school. Waterproof diapers may be used in the pond.
      - Guardians must accompany all children up to their 2nd year of elementary school and must watch over children at all times.
      - The pond may be used up to an hour at a time.
  • ■Membership and Use of Facilities
      - Forms for membership applications are retained for one month from the date of registration, and then disposed of.
     - Lost and found items shall be stored in a lost and found box in the main office or indoor play ground for one month, after which they will be disposed of.
      - Fees paid for membership are not refundable.
      - Users may be the subject of photography in Facilities events or programs. Such photography may be used in media, advertising, promotions, product sales, and so forth.
  • ■Distribution of the Growth Link Kachidoki e-Mail Newsletter
      - The “Growth Link Kachidoki e-Mail Magazine” (hereinafter referred to as the “Magazine” shall be sent to the e-mail noted by Users at the time of membership registration.
      - Magazine registration is necessary for Growth Link Kachidoki member registration.
      - In the event a User wishes to terminate a subscription after the second issue, the User may do so by replying via e-mail with “Termination of Subscription” in the subject line.
  • I hereby register for membership in agreement with the above bylaws.